In this video Tomas Pietrangeli MD of Arla UK speaks about the approach Arla UK and in Europe are taking towards Brexit. Interestingly he speaks about how Arla established a task force straight after the Brexit vote to establish key priorities for the business and their suppliers – free movement, agricultural policy, especially subsidies, continued access to the single market etc.etc.
Like many organisations, both here in the UK and worldwide, these “task forces” are attempting to juggle an amorphous being called Brexit without any “givens” from the policy makers. This is pure insanity. Pietrangeli admits, in closing the video, that the UK Government is changing its negotiating position even now (and indeed will continue to do so).
I do not see how any person can structure an argument over the way ahead for their business in this context. The number of presentations at this weeks Oxford Farming Conference accepting there will be Brexit beggars belief. They have neither evidence, methodologies or political frameworks in which to structure their arguments. It really does seem to me that Brexit has become such a titanic event it will sink when the iceberg of political, economic and financial reality hits. Rearranging the deck chairs on this vessel is all people have left. Sad.