Good read found in MacPherson’s “The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism”

Annoyingly as ever cannot recall how this book popped onto my radar but certainly has helped tease out the roots of modern economic theory.

Without going into another critique of the critique of Locke, Hobbes, the Levellers I just wanted to record MacPherson’s conclusion about the cohesion brought about in market societies by war.  Writing in 1964 he acknowledged that in the 20th century the ability to cohere societies through war can no longer considered due to Man’s ability to now totally obliterate themselves through nuclear war.

In the latter half of the 20th century we have seen an “equality of insecurity” such that the nationstate is losing its validity as the focus of obligation. That said the re-emergence of populism today is a harking back to a society that can no longer exist.

If nuclear weapons instigated an “equality of insecurity” then perhaps the worldwide web is a precursor of a new vision and landscape of “equality of security”. This is perhaps a utopian ideal/vista for the future but one that I endorse and hope for, set against petty nationalism.