This quote is taken from Individualization [reprint 2012] by Ulrich Beck p183

It speaks of the type of barbarity perpetrated by ISIL – a stateless grouping – in “the condition of savages”. It also highlights the desperation of Syrian’s caught adrift in the Mediterranean who cling to their identity in the hope of continued “social existence” – that identity as much for them as for all Europeans helping them.

“A civilization that abounds in war produces tribes of placeless barbarians: people without a state who, stripped of all civil rights, are reduced to their mere physical existence. ‘The danger is that a global, universally interrelated civilization may produce barbarians from its own midst by forcing millions of people into conditions which, despite all appearances, are the conditions of savages.'” [Quote from Hannah Arendt The Origin of Totalitarianism]

Stateless persons must experience talk of inalienable human rights as a sick joke. The abstract nakedness of their being nothing but human even appears as their greatest danger. Hannah Arendt writes of the fear of those without rights, who still cling desperately to their nationality because it is their only hope of ever being able to live a social existence again. ‘Their lack of relationship to the world is like an invitation to murder, since the death of people who stand outside any legal, social and political references does not have any consequences for those who survive. If they are killed, it is as if no injustice or even suffering is inflicted on anyone.'”[Elemente und Ursprünge pp453-470]