Russia Today just tweeted:

??@RT_com Censored by IKEA: #PussyRiot-style customer photo deleted from Russian website

Amusingly some Russians had hijacked a photo competition for a new cover of the IKEA catalogue with a picture of them in Pussy Riot balaclavas.??

IKEA's response:
"IKEA is a commercial organization that operates beyond politics and religion. We cannot allow our advertising project to be used as a means of propaganda of any kind."

How is it that a "commercial organization" can hide behind that banner and presume their activities are some how devoid of political and religious connotations? This is pure disingenuousness.??

The argument then goes further and beyond belief when they conclude that their "advertising project" [ oh it's a neutral activity – oh really? ] cannot be used as a means of propaganda. Come come what is advertising but an invidious form of propaganda.