Monocle 24 the Monocle magazines online radio station broadcasts regular programmes on a variety of subjects one of which is The Entrepreneurs.?? The programmes are downloadable this note is about Episode 43 where Basil Racuk?? a "designer who appreciates craft" discusses how he got into the buisness and what luxury means for him.

In setting up the business in San Francisco he brought an artisanal leather product to life using old machinery from the 1920's 30' 40'.?? In his view these machines provide "a beautiful stitch" that you cannot find anymore.?? He appreciates the subtle nuances of the stitch appearance made by these machines in making his high end line of travel bags.

His approach to luxury is very interesting. As he notes, he is not of the luxury end of the market having come from a working class background.?? His approach is truly focussed on the artisanal leather product as opposed to the "200k unit programmes" of the bigger "luxury" brands.

His first store did not provide a great outlet experience.?? However he created a new store with recycled timbers to create a better experience.?? Once this store went live he found that it enabled editors to "contextualised through a physical environment".?? An ability then to create a story.

A recurring mention for Pixar provides a counterpoint between a San Francisco tech enviornment and the "excitement and wonder" that people have when they find out what he does.?? They are amazed that people are still making physical products by hand. In his owns words he says they find it , "alluring when they hear about it."?? Alluring – nice word.

Basil Racuk concluded by giving a very interesting definition of luxury:

"Luxury is not a price tag, luxury is an occurrence. Luxury is the opportunity to connect in, with this inanimate object or with an experience which is very real. So, ultimately luxury for me is a way of being. It is not a logo, it is not a price-tag."