Dambisa Moyo's interesting and recently published book "How the West was Lost" draws attention to the mechanics of the debt crisis and pulls few punches. It holds a mirror up to all debt holders whether states, corporations or individuals. For those unfamiliar with leveraging activities Dambisa's methodology brings the mechanics clearly into view and it "ain't" pretty.

I am only writing this blog post though to capture her reporting of John Hamre's "five factions in America" in relation to China. (Hamre / Center for Strategic and International Studies)

1) Labour Democrats
?? ?? ??Blue Collar – China stealing jobs / manipulating currency / sweatshop practices

2) High Technology Democrats / Silicon Valley Democrats
?? ?? ??Highly educated, urbane, cosmopolitan excited by China – Culturally. View the world in "sweeping global terms" China as "intriguing and challenging"

3) Religious Republicans (+some Progressive Democrats)
?? ?? ??China in a "dark light" – human rights violations

4) Defence Republicans
?? ?? ??China as the next Soviet Union- prepare for fight.

5) Big Business Republicans
?? ?? ??China as a way to lower production costs. Huge market.

Page 185
?? ?? ??
?? Are they clearly demarcated???????How often do you mix and match these gradations? ??I relate to two but know that elements of the other stances feed into that understanding. How can you be fervent without misaligning personal, company and state aims???