Death Race 2012 – #Euro2012

In conversation with @danboughen he said the Euro 2012 championships felt like an end of season tournament. 

Last night during the Spain v Portugal Euro 2012 semi-final the BBC commentators acknowledged the fact that the players had probably run out of steam. Their view was how can players continually go out to win match after match through their domestic competitions, European club competitions and then to play for their countries at the European Championships [not to mention the World Cup or Olympics].

It seems to me that, as in football so in the current economic climate, the “winner take-all” mentality has really run its course or is in its death throes.  It  has expired in more ways than one. Football as a competitive sport has not been around that long say 100-130years and reflects and mimics the development of capitalist ideology during this time. 

Where will football and the economy evolve to in say the next 30 years when the social structures that underpin both are changing out of all recognition? Globalisation, mergers and acquisitions consolidate the control and reproduction of capital but in doing so they prove cancerous for the social welfare, the social fabric of society; especially so at this time. The middle ground has been dissipated, consolidated or destroyed leaving behemoths or smaller entities – the stark contrast necessitating the need to bridge the gap between the two extremes.  Is that where social media comes in to temper the extremes of social relations?

Finally the question arises of Ronaldo as star or leader? What happened in the penalty shoot out in last nights game? Was Ronaldo preoccupied with going last so that he could capture the kudos all for himself? It didn’t seem like an act of leadership. So the star of Death Race 2012 expires in the face of a parody of a game of football. The rules have become perverted ( penalty shoot outs) such that the game has lost its raise ??tre. Time to get back to basics – oh right the economic and financial crisis where we have to play on our own as the rules no longer apply.

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