In his book Anti-intellectualism in American Life(1962) Richard Hofstadter writes,

"Farming could be plausibly portrayed as a "natural" way of living, whose practitioners might lose far more than they would gain by attending to sophisticated critics and adopting bookish or scientific ideas. It was quite otherwise with the industrial working class, whose way of life was considered unnatural, and who needed to be brought to some level of awareness and organization before they could give expression to any attitude toward their fate." pp282

Interesting to see his writing so clearly demarcating the class antagonisms whether here in the country .v. The city debate or between intellectuals, business people, politicians, union leaders. Is it any better now or people still liable to take shortcuts to pigeonhole people???

The furious debate at the beginning of the last century between those who we're of a practical mind and those from academia or management still rile society today.