In an article for Popular Mechanics Jeff Wise detailed the crash of the Air France A330 into the Atlantic.?? He concluded in the following way:

"But the crash raises the disturbing possibility that aviation may well long be plagued by a subtler menace, one that ironically springs from the never-ending quest to make flying safer. Over the decades, airliners have been built with increasingly automated flight-control functions. These have the potential to remove a great deal of uncertainty and danger from aviation. But they also remove important information from the attention of the flight crew. While the airplane's avionics track crucial parameters such as location, speed, and heading, the human beings can pay attention to something else. But when trouble suddenly springs up and the computer decides that it can no longer cope???on a dark night, perhaps, in turbulence, far from land???the humans might find themselves with a very incomplete notion of what's going on. They'll wonder: What instruments are reliable, and which can't be trusted? What's the most pressing threat? What's going on? Unfortunately, the vast majority of pilots will have little experience in finding the answers."

Maggie Koerth-Baker runs with the same story with her review in Disaster Book Club discussing Normal Accidents by Charles Perrow:

"When there is inherent risk in using a technology, we try to build systems that take into account obvious, single-point failures and prevent them. The more single-point failures we try to prevent through system design, however, the more complex the systems become. Eventually, you have a system where the interactions between different fail-safes can, ironically, cause bigger failures that are harder to predict, and harder to spot as they're happening. Because of this, we have to make our decisions about technology from the position that we can never, truly, make technology risk-free."

Putting in so many controls people(pilots) lose the ability to make judgement calls.?? This is a further example of the Audit Cultures which tries to cover off all eventualities but as Flight 447 shows it is not possible to cover all angles.??