I am bemused by “Google Insights for Search”.  A number of searches over the past year have shown a steady decline in results/searches from say 2004 to the present day.  This doesn’t always happen – for instance “farming” is showing a resurgence whilst “organic” is on the wane.  “Animals” might be another one to look at that has gone past its peak.  I have been wondering how this might be – have users learnt the most of what they need to know and therefore think nothing of avoiding search to get on with their lives?

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Today I watched a Tedx presentation from Roger McNamee on his hypothesis for the new direction for the internet. 
See it on Maria Popova’s site here

His item# 2 clearly showed the decline in Google’s power to drive search.  Is this the dyanmic behind my observation? People have many more channels to obtain the information they need.  He goes on to show how Google has commoditized information and destroyed the “long tail” in the meantime.  From here on he believes people are going to seek a much more clearly defined differentiated product.  His presentation was about products that were “differentiated and monetisable.”

That is the environment I can see happening after the hypermarkets and commodified products.  The severe rationalisation of brand offers within the retail sector will drive innovation outside the mainstream.  Like the emergence of newspapers, radio, TV, internet, the old media is usurped, it stays in play but is over run by new regimes.  Roger McNamee concludes that social is dead – I have to agree with him – it is now self but not as in selfish but as in conscious awareness of being with the new hyper-connected world.   Things will look mighty different before even the end of the decade.