Dominic Lieven wrote a review of Norman Davies new book Vanished Kingdoms in the FT this past weekend. 

A snippet on the EU reads:

“So after 1945 European elites attempted to achieve empire???s benefits by constructing a continental-scale confederation that many of them hoped would one day evolve almost unnoticed into a federal state. One of the great achievements of the EU was to integrate what had previously been Europe???s ???Second World??? southern and western periphery (Ireland, Iberia, Italy) into the continent???s ???First World??? core. Now this achievement threatens to unravel, possibly pulling the whole EU down in its wake. If indeed we return to anything like the 1930s world of competitive devaluations and regional trading blocs then the need for a European Union will be clear. European integration was born out of the crisis of 1939-45 and maybe requires renewed crisis if it is to progress further. But such crises inflict a terrible price. Nor is there any guarantee that politicians or their electorates will respond to crisis in rational and constructive fashion.”…