Earlier posts today have come from quotes from Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez.  He writes about the experience of being on Pingok Island which could so easily be a description of the temperament needed to be a successful exporter on the road:

“If the mind releases its fiduciary grip on time, does not dole it out in a fretful way like a valued commodity but regards it as undifferentiated, like the flatness of the landscape, it is possible to transcend distance – to travel very far without anxiety, to not be defeated by the great reach of the land.  If one is dressed well and carrying a little food, and has the means to secure more food and to construct shelter, the mind is that much more free to work with the senses in an appreciation of the country.  The unappealing tundra plain, I recall, is to its denizens a storehouse of food and instant tools.”

Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez pp258 – 259

When people say “oh I couldn’t do your job” they just need to get into the above head space and it will be fine even if you travel across the world’s “flatness of ..landscape.”