James Sinclair InterChina consulting firm Consumption trends
Urbanisation 2020 56%
600m people emerging middle class
Fragmented across pop cities
Imported Food in big cities mainly
Tier 3 Starting to come on stream
Stores going national reflects growth in consumer sector
Even tier 5 seeing supermarkets developing
Aggregate volume > in smaller cities than tier 1
Localisation by city? Smaller city companies launching out to compete with MNCs

Great bulk from within China
Imported wine growing 40%
old world 60% share
Aussie in country marketing
Premium wine – gift giving label, country of origin key ie France to the fore. France more important than quality!
Lafite bottles resold and refilled !

Occasion purchases – medium end wine.
Olive oil

Cooking temperatures important
Olive for salads as a cooler product – niche applications
Growth rate 60% annually. Food service, retail and gift giving
Blended oils opportunity

Olivoila oils from Singapore
Local product shelf or imported area in stores? 20% on promotion


Tiny section 20k tonnes
Food service key then retail [classic]
Pizza key for mozzarella
Growth potential good 10g per capita per year
Consumer education cheese new concept
Customer service
Packaging size
Salt levels Fonterra set flavour levels

Import opportunity
Natural cheese

Food service opportunities
Fast food

Taiwanese stores
Regional bakery using nondairy
Rich products challenge? InterChinaConsulting.com

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