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Thought it worth compiling the conversation from today’s event in London into one document.  Be interesting to see the run tomorrow from Manchester.  There certainly were some Asia enthusiasts from UKTI and their guests. If you can get the relationships working then like most places on the planet there is business to be done.

  1. Tim Harrap

    RT @umairh China’s exporting unemployment. Europe’s exporting stagnation. America’s importing both. Without betterness, no prosperity #atfuk

  2. UKTI

    #UKTI_facts Indonesia???s growth rate in 2009 was 4.5%, and in 2010 is predicted to be 5.5% #atfuk

  3. Jeremy Gordon

    That’s all for #atfuk today. More from Manchester tomorrow. Now off to CBBC @chinabritain event with our Ambassador to China, Sebastian Wood

  4. UKTI

    RT @UKTI_JGordon Nick Whittingham, Consul General, Chongqing : UK exports to China up strongly Q1 2010; UK’s 9th largest export mkt #atfuk

  5. Francis James

    At stamford bridge event getting great feedback on our UK experts on Doing Business in Asia. Roll on Manchester tomorrow! #atfuk

  6. malcolmmoore

    RT @UKTI_JGordon: RBS seeing fast growth in China, incl commodities; US$500m a month in trade finance volume #atfuk

  7. Jeremy Gordon

    Discussion on China: L/Cs, payment risk, corruption, IPR, distributors, PR, corp structures etc. @UKTI & @chinabritain here to help #atfuk

  8. Jeremy Gordon

    RBS seeing fast growth in China, incl commodities; US$500m a month in trade finance volume #atfuk

  9. Jeremy Gordon

    Janet Ming of RBS: opened in China in 1903! 5 branches, 13 sub branches, 2,000 people. Broad business scope. #atfuk

  10. Jeremy Gordon

    Nick Whittingham: UK exports to China up strongly in Q1 2010; China is UK’s 9th largest export market #atfuk

  11. Jeremy Gordon

    Nick Whittngham, Consul-General, Chongqing: highlighting China’s regional markets, >250m luxury consumers, high tech development. #atfuk

  12. UKTI

    RT @UKTI_JGordon Benoy (architects) “cannot get enough of China “. It has been “key to define brand offering” #atfuk

  13. Jeremy Gordon

    China panel: CBBC @chinabritain, @UKTI London & China, RBS & Benoy. Issues incl: IPR, market access (some sectors), culture #atfuk