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  • Subject: New comment (12) on “What the world ‘luxury’ evokes for you?”

I am currently reading Dana Thomas’ Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Luster (I can really recommend it so far).

For me, luxury is a product or a service based on a love or passion for the product or service that is so strong that the skills to create is are so refined (i.e. craftmanship) that it can only result in something that is beautiful and just gives you a chill. It has an aura that I as a consumer can sense and makes me want to cherish the product/service/experience.

Luxury is also an experience, not necessarily having to with dollars or big names, going to a beautiful large empty beach on a sunny day (which has no logo and doesn’t cost a thing) can be luxury too. Putting on the cashmere vest that my father gave me years ago, is pure luxury, for the soft yarn combined with paternal association makes it pleasure.

Luxury is personal, between you and product/service/experience and far from show-off. The pressure of having to prove yourself with logo’s and money is not luxury, just self-torment.
Posted by Gabrielle de Pooter